Nobunaga Shimazaki falls off chair
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So this is an extract from the first Free! radio cd where the boys talk about a lot of random things including the way they take their shirts off and then Shimazaki Nobunaga falls off his chair and he’s really cute.
Suzuki Tatsuhisa -> Tachibana Makoto
Nobunaga Shimazaki -> Nanase Haruka
Miyano Mamoru -> Matsuoka RIn


Suzuki Tatsuhisa
: aa, then why did Nobunaga take it off? (not sure what they’re talking about here, this line is not relevant for the rest)
Shimazaki Nobunaga: *cute laugh* aa…ah..
*everyone laughs*
Shimazaki Nobunaga:: I fell!
Miyano Mamoru; That was just too cute! He said “aa, ah”
          *Miyano Mamoru and Tatsuhisa Suzuki imitate his sounds*
Miyano Mamoru: Nobunaga-kun fell off his chair! Just how cute are you?
Tatsuhisa Suzuki: Plus, that voice just now was a rarely heard pitiable one!
Miyano Mamoru: This happens in reality.
          *Miyano Mamoru and Tatsuhisa Suzuki imitate his sounds again*
Miyano Mamoru: When you fall off a chair you just go “WHOAA”, but he…
           *Miyano Mamoru and Tatsuhisa Suzuki imitate his sounds again*
Suzuki Tatsuhisa: It’s probably an exaggeration what you do in an anime. It’s usually “AAA”
Miyano Mamoru: Yeah
Shimazaki Nobunaga:: I’m embarrassed…
Okay, that’s it! We’ll be waiting for your e-mails! “free talking” is now over!
Miyano Mamoru: That was genius.
Suzuki Tatsuhisa: It was! Really, too much!
Miyano Mamoru:  “a,ah”
Suzuki Tatsuhisa: He made a really great voice!
Shimazaki Nobunaga: Free! WEB radio, Iwatobi Channel. On your mark, ready, go!

I see no diference


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